Nityaasha Foundation celebrates World Diabetes Day (14th November 2017)

World Diabetes Day was launched in 1991 by the IDF (International Diabetes Federation) and WHO (World Health Organisation) in response to the rapid rise of Diabetes around the world.

World Diabetes day falls every year on November 14th and it is a day when millions of people around the globe come together to raise awareness on Diabetes.
In our country we are privileged to celebrate it as Children’s day too.

Nityaasha Foundation plays a vital role in helping the children with Type 1 diabetes from the economically weaker section of the society. The challenges faced by the families of these children are enormous. Every day there are highs and lows, multiple injections of insulin doses. Everyday there are many health issues to deal with. Everyday the disorder has to be managed effectively.

“How would your life change if you were told that you have a life-threatening disorder which cannot be cured and will be a part of your life forever?”

Nityaasha’s helping hands reach out to the disadvantaged children across Pune and beyond. The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter,and the spirits heals with joy. With this guiding force, we at Nityaasha hope to spread our network of care to many more rural regions in the future. Since this year’s theme focuses on “Women & Diabetes – Our right to a healthy future” Nityaasha endeavors to increase the enrollment of girl child with the vision to empower them to combat Type 1 Diabetes and become more confident and self reliant in their journey to achieve the right to a healthy future.

– Mrs. Gulshan Maskati
Managing Committee Member – Nityaasha Foundation

“World Diabetes Day 2017 is going to be celebrated on 14th November this year with the theme – “Women & Diabetes – Our right to a healthy future”. With projections showing an alarming increase in the next couple of decades, it becomes all the more necessary for organizations working in this field to create more awareness and to help more and more people from the marginalized sections of the community.

I am privileged to be on board with one such organization – Nityaasha Foundation, where relentless efforts are being made through one of the first programs of the Foundation – Madhuraasha, focusing on children with Type 1 Diabetes. The beneficiaries of this project include many young girls. Nityaasha Foundation, is providing them the right to a healthy future and will continue to do so as an ongoing effort.”

– Ms. Fatima Lilani
Managing Committee Member – Nityaasha Foundation