‘Maa Tujhe Salaam’ : Motivational & Diabetes Awareness session

Maa Tujhe Salaam

Motivational & Diabetes Awareness session for mothers of Type 1 Diabetes Children.
Date: 30th November 2017
Venue : GyaanAdab Centre

Nityaasha Foundation celebrated World Diabetes Day with the mothers of its registered Type 1 Diabetic children. Focusing on this year’s World Diabetes Day theme “Women and diabetes – Our right to a healthy future”the program was specially organized for the mothers. Though they are not diabetic themselves but managing a growing Diabetic child and coping with the day today challenges related to the disorder itself needs lots of appreciation and encouragement.

The program started with a random BSL test of 40 ladies which was sponsored by Alere G Plus. This was followed by a Diabetes Awareness Session on “Importance of BSL Monitoring”taken by Dr. Smita Dhadge. The session being an interactive one was a good opportunity to share their queries and discuss solutions to their problems.

A session on “Managing Sugar with diet before & after Physical Activity” was taken by Dr. Tejas Limaye, Dietician. A pre-session questionnaire on diet was given to all mothers to fill. The mothers openly discussed and shared their problems related to diet.

The mothers were also given a platform to showcase their talent by singing and walking on the ramp displaying through placards “dos and don’ts of Type 1 Diabetes”.

The program concluded by a motivational address given by Ms. Nasima Merchant, Founder & Trustee, Nityaasha Foundation. She said “We appreciate the continuous effort of each mother and salute their commitment”. In a positive note she also said that we are fortunate that now a days human Insulin are available which is a lifesaving medicine for all Type 1 Diabetic children.

With an objective to educate, motivate and encourage the mothers, Nityaasha team thanked the mothers for their active participation. We are grateful to all well-wishers for their continuous support towards this noble cause.