A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal

Nityaasha as the word say “forever hope” is what the mantra of each member of the team is.

Nityaasha Foundation a Not-for-Profit organization consciously focuses on Children with health issues, started its journey 4.5 years back with its first program “Madhuraasha” for socioeconomically underprivileged Type 1 Diabetes children has devoutly enriched the lives of 182 children and their families till now.

The Founding vision and guidance of our Founders, Trustees & Management complimented by exemplar teamwork of devoted social workers, experienced pharmacist, support team, consulting doctors, dietician, diabetes educators the program has made a beautiful impact in a short span of time.

On the occasion of World Diabetes Day as Project Director of Nityaasha Foundation I thank each and every person associated with this program for their constant support and would humbly request all to stay aligned with this humanitarian mission.

On behalf of Nityaasha team I appeal to all individuals, organizations and trusts to join hands with Nityaasha for this worthy cause to make life better for many more needy children.

Touching the lives of these lovely children adds value to my life and helps me evolve as a better person each day.

– Anuja Shams,
Project Director