Coriander Wadi



  1. Finely chopped coriander leaves:-2 cups (75gm),
  2. Gram Flour (Besan):-1/2 cup (30gm),
  3. Green Gram (Moong dal) flour:-1 cup(60gm),
  4. Ginger
  5. Garlic Paste:-2 tsp,
  6. Garammasala:-1 tsp,
  7. Lemon Juice:-1 tsp,
  8. Turmeric powder:-1 tsp,
  9. Roasted Sesame (Til) seeds:-1 tsp (5gm),
  10. Red Chili Powder:-to taste,
  11. Oil:-4tsp for shallow frying,
  12. Salt:-to taste.

Method: –

  • In a bowl mix all the ingredients except oil and keep it asidefor 10min. add littlewater if needed.
  • Mix everything to form dough. Roll the dough into cylindrical ball roll. Grease the steamer plate with oil put these balls and steam it for 20 to 25 min.
  • Let it cool and cut it into half inches discs.
  • Heat oil in a pan and shallow fry the rolls till they become golden brown.
  • Out of this dough 12 Wadis can be made.
Amount Total calories Total carbohydrates Total proteins Total Fat
Per Wadi 55 kcal 5 gm 2 gm 2 gm