Annual Report 2016-17


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With another fruitful year passing by, Nityaasha Foundation has set an impactful foothold towards service to humanity and is now almost 4 years strong!!!

The organization operates on its own theoretical principles and programs, with a team of Project Director, Medical Social Workers, Pharmacist and members of Managing Committee who are the most valuable instruments in supporting the children battling Type 1 Diabetes and Epilepsy.

Believing strongly in our vision and mission, the goal is to nurture and develop these children into confident healthy individuals who can contribute productively to the society.

Nityaasha Foundation has put in pioneering efforts not only to address the medical aspect of the disorder but has created a reformative eco-structure around the child to ensure holistic, medical and social development. With our two programs ‘Madhuraasha’ and ‘Divyaasha’, we have successfully managed to create a strong bond with the cause and the concerned entities; the children and their families, to help in easy implementation and execution of our visionary goals.

Our widespread reach to create mass awareness of these disorders has not been restricted to urban centres, but has spread its wings to 6 remote districts of Maharashtra and Nityaasha has worked tirelessly at the grass-root level to create an everlasting impact on 73 rural children.
We have continued our strong focus on children with high HbA1c (above 10%) and have observed a consistent remarkable improvement with minimum hospitalization.

Looking around at our health indicators, I know the road is long and steep, that there is much to learn and achieve, but I take comfort in knowing that all our well-wishers and supporters are by my side at each step of the way and that we shall all join hands and work together to ensure that each child of our foundation rejoices the gift of life.

Thank you for your relentless support as we continue our journey ahead…

Mr. Farook Merchant (Founder, Trustee)