With Love For You Charitable Foundation

With Love, is a non-governmental organization run by a group of powerful women in Pune who are committed to teaching upcoming generations that kindness is cool, and to spread love and affection through humanitarian causes.
With Love is a non-government organization that wants to be the change they wish to see in this world. It undertakes various small and large scale projects in the city and country. The team believes- “Where there is a need, there will be – With Love.” They wish to bring about a permanent change in the people they meet in this journey. And hope that every touched life, comes back to join them in the mission of With Love. Their mission is to create generations that believe, ‘Being Kind Is Keen Karma’.

With Love has been associated with Nityaasha Foundation and have adopted children for over a year now. We also conduct special fun outings and events for the children on Children’s Day which also happens to be World Diabetic Day and organize Christmas parties for them. Nityaasha Foundation is doing some great work for diabetic kids. The clinic is so neat & clean, doctors so polite and friendly- just perfect for kids who need Love more than anything.

The whole experience of watching kids aged 6-7 years injecting themselves with insulin before meals and the pain in their eyes leaves you with goosebumps but the kids are taught to do so with utmost ease 2-3 times a day & every single day of their lives.!!

We are glad we got the opportunity to be a part of their world and add whatever little love & help we could from With Love For You Charitable Foundation. We hope and pray soon someday there is a permanent cure and all these kids are free to eat ,play and live a normal life just like any of us.

– With Love
For You Charitable Foundation