Fatima Lilani

Fatima-Lilani-Fatima Lilani is a senior professional in the social development field with close to 20 years of experience. She has developed a specialized focus on addressing the social, psychological, and economic challenges associated with Palliative Care and has undertaken various positions in pursuit of the same.

Fatima is currently the Director of a Pune-based NGO called Care India Medical Society, and has been closely associated with them since 1993. From a small organization, whose efforts were focused on home-care for terminally ill cancer patients, Fatima was instrumental in nurturing the organization towards a more wholesome approach to cancer prevention, treatment and pain-management for the needy and underprivileged sections of the community. In recognition of this, Fatima was recently invited as a panelist to the Maharashtra State Human Rights Convention (2013) in Mumbai to speak on ‘Palliative Care as a Human Right’.

Apart from her professional capabilities in the social development field, she also feels strongly towards healthcare and empowering women, and has volunteered with various communities and organizations in a personal capacity. An MBA graduate from IMDR, Pune, Fatima is particularly passionate about addressing the health and poverty challenges of the city.